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from Brenda Legendre enjoyed looking at your photos

Hey Ken,

I really enjoyed looking at the photos you have posted. The flower photos are my favorite. And all the rest are so beautiful. I have a lot to learn. Field trips and questioning and watching you take photos will help me greatly. Thanks for sharing your photos and your knowledge. Brenda Previous Response:
on April 30, 2012
 #26 and #32 This is the stuff the media needs to show! Real men and women with good hearts trinyg to do good for people they don't even know and real deaths. Don't hide the good and for god's sake don't hide the deaths! Our soldiers and our allies soldiers deserve so much more respect than they are getting! Previous Response:
from Kenneth A. Wilson
on December 31, 2012
 Hi Brenda,

I have no idea what the response from "valerie" is about on 04/30/2012. The response was not from me!

Haven't seen you lately! Are you still out there? Email me when you can!



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