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from Kristen Novak Great Photos!


As to be expected, it was a nice break in my day to look through some of your photos... I remember one of my first "jobs" was scanning in images for you! Hope you are still enjoying and shooting beautiful pictures everyday! And I'd love to see you link up to facebook so I can get a notification whenever you post new ones! Previous Response:
from Kenneth A. Wilson
on December 31, 2012
 Hi Kristen,

Thank you for your kind words! I don't get to shoot every goal is 20 weekends a year + 2-3 out-of-state trips a year! Reenactments and landscapes seem to be my favorites lately! When you get "lonely" for South Louisiana.....I have 20,000 slides to be scanned, beginning in 2013! Sent several days revising the website! Give it a look!



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